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Coastal Snow Services 


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Snow Removal

Clearing Snow from Restaurants, Office Buildings, Apartments & More in The Fraser Valley



Our fleet of snow removal equipment is capable of handling all of your snow removal and ice management needs, regardless of size. We have extensive experience clearing snow away from walkways, plowing parking lots and even tricky drive-thru corners. Coastal will bring the right equipment to your site


With our initial personal visit, we thoroughly go around your whole site to identify hazards and placement of snow during a storm for a fully customized site plan.

Salting & Ice Management

Stop slips and falls in their tracks with our de-icing services. You’ve done the right thing by making sure your property is clear from snow, but unfortunately, slippery conditions can still exist. Our salting and sanding services are the perfect way to prevent ice from forming and to melt it away. This service is available on its own and in conjunction with our regular snow removal services to help eliminate icy conditions.


Types Of Service

Double Check 

Coastal is committed to take care of all your snow and ice management needs as the weather demands. However, we know that sometimes you may want to keep your options open. If so, this is the best package for you. With the Double Check Service, we will provide you with 3+ hours advance notice before we begin, to give you the opportunity to opt-out if you prefer.






This is our worry-free service—sign a contract for monthly billing, and we will take care of the rest. You'll never have to worry about remembering to call us, because we'll watch the weather for you. We use industry-leading cold weather forecast apps such as the Weather Network and AccuWeather, which is accurate down to the square kilometer. We also refer to generation-old resources, like Old Farmer's Almanac.

No matter when the temperature drops, we’ll ensure your car parks and walkways are safely cleared and salted before staff and customers arrive.





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